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10 January 2016

A new take on the traditional chain locks. They’re weird, but I guess they’re better than the old chain locks.

8 January 2016

One of the huge advantages of being in Texas is being close to my sister. Jenny and I hadn’t been on a real date in months and we’ve already been on two since we’ve been here (The Force Awakens and Mockingjay Part II)!

7 January 2016

She LOVES being outside. It doesn’t matter how cold or rainy she is, at least once a day she begs me to go outside. On warmer days like this, we have a lot of fun.

5 January 2016

While we had a glass top stove in one of my childhood homes, I’ve never really cooked on one. I’m still not sure what I think about it.

2 January 2016

While we’re mostly unpacked, our third bedroom has caught most of the stuff we haven’t found a home for yet.